Thursday, March 01, 2012

Girls Can't Be Brave

Tonight me and boys sat down to watch the latest Buddies movie Treasure Buddies. While waiting for it to start the preview for this coming summer's next Pixar hit Brave came on. Haven't seen it yet? Check it out I'll wait......

Okay so Adam is watching this story of a girl viking that goes up against a giant bear with nothing but a bow & arrow and says "That's not real. That could never happen."

"What do you mean that could never happen?"
"Dad! Girls don't know how to work bows & arrows!!"
"Anybody can learn how to do something."
"Not girls. Only boys can go hunting"
"Adam that's not true. Girls can do things."
"Not bows & arrows Dad. Everybody knows girls can't do bows & arrows"
"Um first of all this is a cartoon soooo it's not real. Second girls can do whatever guys can do."
"Well her mommy would let her be out there hunting bears anyway"

He's 5 and he's already a chauvinist pig. Where did we go wrong?

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