Monday, March 05, 2012

Daddy Has A Coke Problem

I'm sick as a dog tonight so I don't really have anything that deserves it's own post. Instead here's a few....

Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:
# I love sesame seeds. I wish they were on all my breads. Some people eat the cheese off their paper once the burger is gone. Me I lick my finger and get all the sesame seeds off.

# I miss my FRIENDS. I've started watching them every night before bed and it makes me sleep better. Like hanging out with my buddies sharing old stories.

# I think every word that follows the word every should be a compound word. Everyword, everynight, everytime.

# I have a Coke problem. Adam is at that age where he's like a blood hound constantly searching for change. Pennies, Nickles, Quarters, Chuckie Cheese tokens, he doesn't care. Like I said though I have a Coke problem and I need those quarters to get my daily fix. It's gotten so bad that last week I heard of companies that clean their rusted bolts by dipping them in cola and all I could think about was how great it would be to have a Coke while I had to sit there listening to what should be a eye opening story.

# I don't miss having a cat, but I do like living with somebody else's dog. The Gigi has a little puppy name Triscuit. I get all the emotional attachment without the responsibility. I bet that must be what being a grandparent feels like.

# Sometimes I just need to watch a movie where people get the crap beat out of them for an hour & a half. I've seen Rumble In The Bronx at least 50 times. It was on again tonight and after finding out that Adam turned on the shower full blast, left it running for half an hour and wasted all the hot yet never actually stepped foot in the tub, 30 minutes of Jackie Chan beating the stew out of scumbags made life tolerable again.

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