Friday, March 23, 2012

The Barber Of Shef-field

I'm not one to knock my barber. I like him, like the place, it's got a TV always set on the game. Guys sitting around telling stories. It's a nice little place for a cut. Anyways I'm a little annoyed at the moment because I think dude didn't cut my hair short out of spite.

I'm sitting there getting my usual cut which is basically a half inch higher than a full on buzz and suddenly the phone rings. Dude picks it up, gives the other person a couple Yeah Yeahs, and says to everyone in the room that his mom is coming over to show him off to family that is in town. Turns out Dude comes from a long line of barbers. His mom's a barber. Grandfather's a barber. Uncle's a barber. The whole family cuts hair.

So I'm sitting there getting my cut and the family walks in. They start talking shop. This that & the other. They start talking about regular clients when dude says "I get some that come in every week. Others come by every couple weeks." I'm feeling included so I pipe in "Or guys like me that come by every 4 months". I didn't take it that way at the time, but the next thing he says has stuck with me "And then I get this guy that thinks he comes in every 4 months but it's really every 2."

Now I don't mind getting the business because I sure dish out my share in the course of a day, but I think he tricked me. He says he's done, I look in the mirror, looks short enough so I pay and leave. I think he set me up so I would have to come back in 2 months. Yes I looked at it in the mirror, but I remember water being involved. I think he wet my hair to make it look short so I'd have no choice but to come back sooner.

Why? I have no idea; maybe I he thinks I tried to show him up in front of the family. I got it figured out though. I'm still going to wait 4 months and just let it grow out till I can't stand it anymore.

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