Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Bits Of Blog

It's been an odd day all over. Every where I turned is seemed that something strange or blog worthy was happening. Only way to cover it all is by pairing it down into....

Tonight's Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:

* Had to go the pharmacy for me (I'm on the roids again more on that later). The pharmacist sees us and says "Oh those poor boys what do they have now?" Apparently we have been going by there a bunch if she knows our names and faces.

* I've still not gotten a haircut out of spite. Today somebody asked me if I'd gotten a perm. Mandy says I look like one of the Golden Girls. She's leaning towards Blanche, but I might be a Dorothy.

* Adam refuses to let anyone forget that I once ran a red light taking him to school. Every time I get behind the wheel with someone other than the two of us in the car, he insists on saying how I just got tired of waiting and went on even though it was red.

*I think typing is taking the place of conversation in my world. At the office I always feel more comfortable sending emails and go as far as not answering a call then emailing seconds later so the person understands I'd rather conduct business in a way so I have a record of what is said. Instead of calling I typically only text. At night I tell my best stories via Charlie Blockhead. Now I've started Tweeting of all things. I'm afraid it's gotten so I don't know how to converse with anyone.

*I went to the Dr. today because of the Ivy on my arm. I only go to the Dr once a year and as if I needed to somehow prove it I pulled into the parking lot to find an abandoned building. Apparently they had been gone for some time and I never knew.

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