Monday, December 19, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is A Playlist

Adam is getting an iPod Shuffle this year so I spent tonight going through my library of 500 songs trying to find the perfect playlist for his 5 yr old ears. Not the easiest thing to do, but once you I cut out all the DMB (too dark), the Cold Play (to deep), Jay Z(too explicit), and Linkin Park (too angry) I was able to pick out a good group of 30+ songs that should be the perfect fit.

Of course iPods were not even science fiction when I was kid and my parents sure never spent the night debating what songs they should record on a cassette. I had a tape player that I tied to the handle bars of my bike. It was so heavy I spent most of the time driving clockwise. I was so cool struggling to stay on my knock off BMX not able to turn left as I bobbed my head to Banana Rama's Cool Summer. The chics knew they didn't stand a chance and made sure to keep their distance.

Most of these Adam listens with me in the car and are his favorites (Silversun Pickups, Cage The Elephant, Train). Others are just my way of trying to teach him the joys of different types of music (Gym Class Heroes, Michael Jackson, Jason Aldean, Adele, DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Anyway without further embarrassment I present Adam's playlist in no particular order:

  1. Rolling In The Deep- Adele

  2. Swing Swing-All American Rejects

  3. Spiderman- The Ramones

  4. Nothin On You- BoB

  5. Rockabilly Lullaby- The Backyardigans

  6. Go Go Go- The Backyardigans

  7. Love Done Gone- Billy Currington

  8. I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

  9. Back Against The Wall- Cage The Elephant

  10. Show Me What I'm Looking For -Carolina Liar

  11. You Break It, We Fix It- Handy Manny

  12. Mr. Jones- Counting Crows

  13. Summertime- DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

  14. Somewhere Only We Know-Glee

  15. Anyway You Want It-Glee

  16. Safety Dance-Glee

  17. Stereo Hearts-Gym Class Heroes

  18. Cupids Chokehold-Gym Class Heroes

  19. Scooby Doo Where Are You- Scooby Doo

  20. MMMBop- Hanson

  21. The Truth-Jason Aldean

  22. Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World

  23. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5

  24. Say Hey- Michael Franti

  25. PYT- Michael Jackson

  26. Remember The Time- Michael Jackson

  27. Secrets- One Republic

  28. Gitcheed Gitchee Goo- Phineas & Ferb

  29. Substitution- Silversun Pickups

  30. Hot Dog!- Mickey Mouse

  31. That's Not My Name- The Ting Tings

  32. Hey Soul Sister-Train

  33. Get To Me-Train

  34. If It's Love- Train

  35. If You're Wondering- Weezer