Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quiet Riot

Fred is usually a pretty calm baby during Church. Most of the time it matches up good with his nap schedule and so he passes out about the time the preacher starts (along with a third of the crowd). During singing he may get a little loud, but he’s 11 months old now and he just wants his voice to be heard like everyone else’s. Last Sunday night was a different story.

All I can figure is that he got pretty wound up during Pew Packers, a special singing session just for kids 30 minutes before services start. Maybe it was because we sat in front of Abby and behind Ben, two his most favorite friends. Regardless of why, we had a crazy man on our hands and he refused to sit still. He was up and down and twisted around. Chugging the milk bottle, chunking it for the juice. He must have pulled every single toy out of his bag plus clothes and diapers. One minute he was petting Abby on the head and the next he was grabbing for the back of Ben’s shirt. So why didn’t we yank his little butt up and take him out? Because he did all of this without making a sound!!!

Not one single “AAAAHHHHHHH” or “WHAAAAAAAA” could be heard the whole time. I think the only people that noticed were the ones sitting in the three pews behind us…and let’s face it most of them had kids too. That’s where most parents’ sit is in the very back. We used to try and get to Church early so we could get a good seat up front, now we show up early to get a good seat in the back. You should see all the late or on time parents walking through the doors ready to sit someplace strategic that will allow them an easy path the to nursery or bathroom. The shear disappointment on the their faces as it hits them that they will have to parade themselves to the front of the Church where all will be seen by the hundreds resting behind them….it’s happened to us a few times and trust me it is not pretty.

…And See What Fly’s.

Wow did you guys ever come through with some comments. I asked for your thoughts on my idea for a new Christian blog and I ended up with the most comments I have ever gotten. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion….which were all positive. A few people shared Lucy’s concern about it taking more time away from my family since I am writing for 2 other sites and officially looking for a third. I value my family time a great deal and will not let anything get in the way of that…still though I think this may be something I can make time for since it will be mainly a place where other writers can showcase their work and spread the word of Jesus Christ. Initially it may take me some time to get everything set up, but in the mean time if you have a cool name you wanna throw out let me hear it. I’m looking into maybe doing it on WordPress simply because I like the format better than Blogspot, but I know more about maneuvering around Blogspot so it’s just something I’ve got to research. So far something along the lines of SavedByGrace or SBG or GospelMeeting or FellowshipHall are all possibilities, but they are too long. I need something short but meaningful.

Thanks again to all that gave comments and we’ll talk more about this soon.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Run Up The Flag Pole

I know that this is going to sound funny, but I’m feeling pretty religious this week. I’ve never tried to hide who I am on Charlie. I never curse on the site, never discuss anything that could be crude or sexual, and I’m pretty open about my beliefs. Then again I’ve never really gone out of my way to proclaim them either. With all of the good fortune that has been blessed upon my family and I lately, I’ve stumbled onto an idea that I can’t shake loose. It’s gnawing away at me like an itch in the middle of my back that I just can’t seem to reach. What I have decided to do is bounce the idea off of you my loyal readers. I know you guys hate it when I beg for comments, but this could do some good for quite a few people and you’re opinion would really mean something.

Currently I am writing for 3 websites, have made connections that could send extra work my way with 2 local papers, I’m being considered to start writing a weekly article in a one of the two, I’m also working on another major deal that has a strong potential of paying off big….plus I have the day job. After all is said and done, I don’t seem to have much time to goof like I used to. My time with Fred and Lucy is extremely valuable to me and I try really hard to not let the freelance stuff get in their way. Thankfully most of the time I succeed at giving my family the time they deserve. Still though, this idea won’t leave me alone.

Here it is:
I’m thinking about starting religious blog that would highlight the local churches and give people a place to find some good news for a change. I live near a Bible college and there are tons of churches in my area (that’s kind of a sad thing). My plan would to get together a collection of Preachers that would email me their sermons and possibly their weekly bulletins. I would then post the sermons on the web. I could also gather stories from the web that show God in action and I could set up an email address where people would be able to send prayer requests that would also be posted. It would require very little new material from myself; help spread the Word of God, and just might help somebody. I would just be the person putting it all together in one spot.
What do you guys think? Yea or Nay? This could be a way for me to really do some good. Leave me a comment and voice your opinion

Monday, February 19, 2007

Winds of Change

It's amazing how fast life can flip-flop and you find yourself on the other side of the coin. Last November we after losing one cat the month before, we found ourselves standing under the old pecan tree laying another pet to rest. It was late at night and I had pulled the car up into the backyard so I could see what I was doing. Lucy and I were devastated by all the bad luck circling our house, but we tried to find humor in the situation.

She said "You know, they say things go in three's. I wonder what is next?"
"Nothing. We can't take any more heartbreak. God knows our limits and as long as we have Fred the rest will work out."
"I know, but it's still makes you wonder what's next."
"Hey why don't you go inside? I'll pull the car back around front, get cleaned up, and we'll try to eat something." I said with a kiss on her forehead.

Lucy didn't even make it to the back door before my laughter brought her back to where I sat...in the car....which was refusing to crank...the saying is true, things do tend to go in three's.

That was 4 months ago and at the time we felt like the groundhog. Every morning we would wake up, stick our head outside, and if we saw the slightest bit of shadow it was back into hiding for us. Then the coin was flipped.

This week I will be receiving my first ever check as a professional blogger. Last week I had three articles published in local papers. One of which has a local readership of 66,000 and another of which is considering me for a weekly column. Lucy got a bonus, our tax refund was out of this world thanks to Fred, and Gigi is taking us to Gulf Shores for a week in September. Fred is about ready to walk, he spent the weekend learning to say book, and after crying over my big gulp for half an hour he even taunted me with "Nah Nah" after Lucy gave him a sippy cup for the first time. Plus I'm still working on some extra blog work that may end up paying off rather well.

You see God knows what we can take and what we are not able to come back from. Sometimes we need to be tested and be taught that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. It is not up to us to know why things happen, but through God and the road he paved with the blood of his son Jesus Christ we are shown the path to happiness. The coin may be flipped again. Good times are never meant to last forever. It's important to remember though that when the Winds of Change do blow our way again, we are not alone as long as we have God's love.

Friday, February 16, 2007

DJ Bak-C-T

There’s been a shift in the norm around the Blockhead household. Since the beginning of baby times, I have always been the driver and Lucy sits in the back taking care of baby.

Due to some questionable driving behavior on my part and Lucy’s desire for me to learn how to put Fred’s shoes on while going 55 during a temper tantrum, I am now in the back of the bus.

That was a week ago and so far the most frustrating thing is that I’ve given up control of the radio. Something that is causing some friction (more so for me who obsesses over every little thing and less so for her who realizes this and ignores most of my ramblings) is my constant request of “Can you change the station?” “Eww I hate this song. Change it please.” “Are you really going to listen to country all the way there?” “Can we hear a cd? Not that one.”

I’m surprised I haven’t been asked to step out of the car on one of the many rural back-wood roads we travel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

o-r-e-OH I KNOW YOU DIDN”T!!!!

I think I may have a weight problem. I’ve always really liked food, but before I got married I was never really able to afford to eat well. Two incomes changed all of that and now 9 years later I probably weigh 50-75 pounds what I used to.

This in itself is not what has gotten me to think I’ve got weight issues. The following conversation is what has sparked my current inner debate:

“I know you are not eating Oreos!!! You told me the ones left in the bowl were all that was left!! How dare you hide them from your own husband!!”

“Um…these are Thin Mints I got yesterday from the girl scouts”
“Oh…um…so you didn’t hide the..the Oreos and I did eat a whole bag by myself…..I um ..I’m fat….sorry I screamed at you…can I have a thin mint?”

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Showdown after Sundown

It is a cold and frosty night along the border between the den and dinning room. The only light comes from a single lamp off in the background. The two gunslingers now staring each other down have never been the greatest of friends and it seems a line has been crossed.

Baby Fred sits firm holding the cat toy in his hand like a lion tamer grasping his whip. Across the five-foot expanse ready to pounce at a moments notice, Buttons the 20lb cat can only think of one thing “That there’s my toy and I reckon I’m about to take it from ya.”

Lucy and I are motionless waiting to step in on behalf of the baby at the slightest twitch of a tail or crack of cotton whip. Neither side budges. Suddenly Fred swings the whip over his head “Whakish Whakish” “Chirp Chirp Chirp” goes the fake bird noise inside the cat toy. Button’s back legs start gearing up like the Road-Runner about to be chased by Wyle Coyote. It is now or never. If he backs away from this battle his reputation as the King of Everything Below 3 Feet would be forever tarnished. Dare he give up his seniority to this drooling, infant that doesn’t even know how to use a litter box? “Somebody must lose this contest young bottle drinker,” says Buttons as he inchs his front paws forward while arching his back.

Baby Fred isn’t about give up what he considered to be “his” new toy. Not only does it have a cool handle, but also just like his furry, tuna-eating counterpart, Fred just can’t resist the chirping noise. The stage is set. Who will make the move first?

In a flash Buttons leaps up out of his stance and is about to grab what was rightfully his!! Until in mid-air he locks eyes with the only thing that can stop his forward assault….DADDY!!

Heart broken and with nothing left to do but tuck his tail, Buttons turns around and decides to play with Lucy’s shoe instead.

There Fred sits basking in the glow of his victory. Swirling the cat toy around his head…but wait Daddy has other plans. “Let’s just put this up for now, Little Man. I don’t want the cat to eat you for dinner when I’m not looking.”
Disgusted all Fred can do is scream “WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl I

Yesterday was one of those days that all dads dream of. The second you hear a baby boy is in you’re future you start thinking of days on the river fishing together, tossing the ball around the yard after a hard day at the office, and kicking back with a pizza while watching the big game.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any pizza, but we did catch the game together. Sure he’s only 10 months old and can only say a couple of words, but we are talking about the Super Bowl here. Even babies know that it only happens once a year.

Lucy and the Gigi hit the town for a few hours and it was just us guys.

You should have seen my boy. One minute he was sitting on my knee bouncing on the horsey, the next he’s grabbed his bottle with one hand and laid back on my chest watching the game with dad.

There are days in life you never forget. The first time you see the one you are meant to spend your life with, the day you make her your wife, and the first time you connect with your child. This past Sunday it wasn’t about the game or the commercials…it was about the fathers and sons. It was about spending some time with my son.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Charlie 101

I am the worst about talking about writing about something and then never following up with the update. So since we are still in full-fledged party mode, I’m gonna spend today picking up some of the loose threads I’ve left dangling out there. Enjoy.

***I’ve still not seen this yet!!! I don’t know how I keep missing it. I’m just going to have to figure out what season it aired in and rent it.

***The votes were tabulated and we finally went with “Hey” for the answer to this question. It is just too obvious that he knows what he’s saying and when to say it.

***The J’s are doing fine. Jill had the baby and named it Jesse. I was supposed to come back and put a picture on the site, but hey better late than never.
***This guy never responded to my letter.

***After months of striking out on our own and trying things on at a different, much smaller place…we returned to the one we loved. It got very confusing there for a week or so and we really wanted the new place to work out…but you gotta go where your heart is. Things are different at the old place. New Elders, New Preacher (soon), unfortunately we lost some friends but a new attitude has taken hold and it’s an amazing place to be.

*** The tape I used when this happened is still holding. We get new ones next month.

***Thankfully nobody saw me do this and a police report was not necessary

***This guy only comes around when a new tooth is being cut.

***Not a day goes by when I don’t miss Sassy and pray we made the right choices. Our house is just not the same without her and BooBoo. If not for nights like this, we may not have survived as well as we did.

***I finally finished the book and saw the movie. The book was better, but now Lucy wants to ask our preacher where the missing gospel is.

***After all is said and done I probably could list another 100 of these.

One more thing before I bring this party to a close, a few of my favorite pictures:

The Gang

My all time favorite Baby Fred Pic!! Lucy made a mouse pad out of it for my office.

What I see when I think of Heaven.

Now on with the next 100!!