Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quiet Riot

Fred is usually a pretty calm baby during Church. Most of the time it matches up good with his nap schedule and so he passes out about the time the preacher starts (along with a third of the crowd). During singing he may get a little loud, but he’s 11 months old now and he just wants his voice to be heard like everyone else’s. Last Sunday night was a different story.

All I can figure is that he got pretty wound up during Pew Packers, a special singing session just for kids 30 minutes before services start. Maybe it was because we sat in front of Abby and behind Ben, two his most favorite friends. Regardless of why, we had a crazy man on our hands and he refused to sit still. He was up and down and twisted around. Chugging the milk bottle, chunking it for the juice. He must have pulled every single toy out of his bag plus clothes and diapers. One minute he was petting Abby on the head and the next he was grabbing for the back of Ben’s shirt. So why didn’t we yank his little butt up and take him out? Because he did all of this without making a sound!!!

Not one single “AAAAHHHHHHH” or “WHAAAAAAAA” could be heard the whole time. I think the only people that noticed were the ones sitting in the three pews behind us…and let’s face it most of them had kids too. That’s where most parents’ sit is in the very back. We used to try and get to Church early so we could get a good seat up front, now we show up early to get a good seat in the back. You should see all the late or on time parents walking through the doors ready to sit someplace strategic that will allow them an easy path the to nursery or bathroom. The shear disappointment on the their faces as it hits them that they will have to parade themselves to the front of the Church where all will be seen by the hundreds resting behind them….it’s happened to us a few times and trust me it is not pretty.

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Anonymous said...

He was sooo better than Abby usually is! :) I have to print the blogs about Abby and Fred just in case they one day decide to date! At school yesterday Baby Fred was in the middle of the room. Abby walked in the doorway and he made his way through mounds of toys and baby swings to the door's gate. Abby had her head on the gate and Fred just reached up and patted her. It was TOO sweet! I think you're about to have a certified stud on your hands! And a walker too!