Thursday, February 01, 2007

Charlie 101

I am the worst about talking about writing about something and then never following up with the update. So since we are still in full-fledged party mode, I’m gonna spend today picking up some of the loose threads I’ve left dangling out there. Enjoy.

***I’ve still not seen this yet!!! I don’t know how I keep missing it. I’m just going to have to figure out what season it aired in and rent it.

***The votes were tabulated and we finally went with “Hey” for the answer to this question. It is just too obvious that he knows what he’s saying and when to say it.

***The J’s are doing fine. Jill had the baby and named it Jesse. I was supposed to come back and put a picture on the site, but hey better late than never.
***This guy never responded to my letter.

***After months of striking out on our own and trying things on at a different, much smaller place…we returned to the one we loved. It got very confusing there for a week or so and we really wanted the new place to work out…but you gotta go where your heart is. Things are different at the old place. New Elders, New Preacher (soon), unfortunately we lost some friends but a new attitude has taken hold and it’s an amazing place to be.

*** The tape I used when this happened is still holding. We get new ones next month.

***Thankfully nobody saw me do this and a police report was not necessary

***This guy only comes around when a new tooth is being cut.

***Not a day goes by when I don’t miss Sassy and pray we made the right choices. Our house is just not the same without her and BooBoo. If not for nights like this, we may not have survived as well as we did.

***I finally finished the book and saw the movie. The book was better, but now Lucy wants to ask our preacher where the missing gospel is.

***After all is said and done I probably could list another 100 of these.

One more thing before I bring this party to a close, a few of my favorite pictures:

The Gang

My all time favorite Baby Fred Pic!! Lucy made a mouse pad out of it for my office.

What I see when I think of Heaven.

Now on with the next 100!!


Julie Young said...

Thanks for the follow up Bill! I had been wondering about a few of those. Loved the pictures also. You have a real talent for writing. I read your AI blog everyday also. I always go home and tell Jud what I have learned from Bill today! Keep it up!

Rob Barron said...

Your favorite Fred picture: if I may borrow from Jean Shepherd - "Are you happy in that outfit? Do you want to take if off? He looks like a pink nightmare."

It is a very cute picture, but when he's a teenager, I'll bet he will be less than happy with it.