Thursday, February 22, 2007

Run Up The Flag Pole

I know that this is going to sound funny, but I’m feeling pretty religious this week. I’ve never tried to hide who I am on Charlie. I never curse on the site, never discuss anything that could be crude or sexual, and I’m pretty open about my beliefs. Then again I’ve never really gone out of my way to proclaim them either. With all of the good fortune that has been blessed upon my family and I lately, I’ve stumbled onto an idea that I can’t shake loose. It’s gnawing away at me like an itch in the middle of my back that I just can’t seem to reach. What I have decided to do is bounce the idea off of you my loyal readers. I know you guys hate it when I beg for comments, but this could do some good for quite a few people and you’re opinion would really mean something.

Currently I am writing for 3 websites, have made connections that could send extra work my way with 2 local papers, I’m being considered to start writing a weekly article in a one of the two, I’m also working on another major deal that has a strong potential of paying off big….plus I have the day job. After all is said and done, I don’t seem to have much time to goof like I used to. My time with Fred and Lucy is extremely valuable to me and I try really hard to not let the freelance stuff get in their way. Thankfully most of the time I succeed at giving my family the time they deserve. Still though, this idea won’t leave me alone.

Here it is:
I’m thinking about starting religious blog that would highlight the local churches and give people a place to find some good news for a change. I live near a Bible college and there are tons of churches in my area (that’s kind of a sad thing). My plan would to get together a collection of Preachers that would email me their sermons and possibly their weekly bulletins. I would then post the sermons on the web. I could also gather stories from the web that show God in action and I could set up an email address where people would be able to send prayer requests that would also be posted. It would require very little new material from myself; help spread the Word of God, and just might help somebody. I would just be the person putting it all together in one spot.
What do you guys think? Yea or Nay? This could be a way for me to really do some good. Leave me a comment and voice your opinion


Julie Young said...

I think that is a great idea!

Peter said...

Go for it! If it itches, I think you should scratch it.

teri said...

It sounds like a good idea but alot of work. Would this be a once a week kind of thing?

amy said...

If it's calling you, do it. But, know that you can show Christ without doing a Christian website. More than likely, the people reading it will already be Christians...only do it if it honestly doens't take time away from Lucy and Fred. Don't get too many plates in the air b/c some may start to fall. On, the other hand, if you are striving to do it then just do it--you can always stop.

Pamela @ CRG said...

I say go for it. Sounds like a calling to me. God is your co-pilot!

AdventureDad said...

I'm not very religious but something that can be greatly improved i coming up with some new ideas. Especially to attract young people. Or at least younger people since they are the future.

I find the young people losing interest because little has changed during my lifetime. Go for your blog, it's great that you have some fresh ideas. Like someone else mentioned, just don't let it interfere with your family time.

Nice weekend


the weirdgirl said...

I think it sounds like a great idea. One thing I've noticed, since both my parents are very involved in church, is that there aren't always a lot of computer savvy people. And yet the younger generations are on the web.

By the way, have you met Jerry at

Michigan Minister said...

I will contribute what I can from my neck of the woods. I write a weekly bulletin article, have many sermons that are original to me, and am starting to write monthly for a local paper. Just tell me when and where!