Monday, February 19, 2007

Winds of Change

It's amazing how fast life can flip-flop and you find yourself on the other side of the coin. Last November we after losing one cat the month before, we found ourselves standing under the old pecan tree laying another pet to rest. It was late at night and I had pulled the car up into the backyard so I could see what I was doing. Lucy and I were devastated by all the bad luck circling our house, but we tried to find humor in the situation.

She said "You know, they say things go in three's. I wonder what is next?"
"Nothing. We can't take any more heartbreak. God knows our limits and as long as we have Fred the rest will work out."
"I know, but it's still makes you wonder what's next."
"Hey why don't you go inside? I'll pull the car back around front, get cleaned up, and we'll try to eat something." I said with a kiss on her forehead.

Lucy didn't even make it to the back door before my laughter brought her back to where I the car....which was refusing to crank...the saying is true, things do tend to go in three's.

That was 4 months ago and at the time we felt like the groundhog. Every morning we would wake up, stick our head outside, and if we saw the slightest bit of shadow it was back into hiding for us. Then the coin was flipped.

This week I will be receiving my first ever check as a professional blogger. Last week I had three articles published in local papers. One of which has a local readership of 66,000 and another of which is considering me for a weekly column. Lucy got a bonus, our tax refund was out of this world thanks to Fred, and Gigi is taking us to Gulf Shores for a week in September. Fred is about ready to walk, he spent the weekend learning to say book, and after crying over my big gulp for half an hour he even taunted me with "Nah Nah" after Lucy gave him a sippy cup for the first time. Plus I'm still working on some extra blog work that may end up paying off rather well.

You see God knows what we can take and what we are not able to come back from. Sometimes we need to be tested and be taught that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. It is not up to us to know why things happen, but through God and the road he paved with the blood of his son Jesus Christ we are shown the path to happiness. The coin may be flipped again. Good times are never meant to last forever. It's important to remember though that when the Winds of Change do blow our way again, we are not alone as long as we have God's love.


AdventureDad said...

You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's difficult to go through rough times but I always appreciate what i have so much more afterwards. I'm trying to do it all the time, without first going though some bad times:-)

Congrats on all the new work, keep it up


Julie Young said...

Nicely put Bill. Let us know what the papers are that you are writing for so that we can look for them. I love reading all your post. Keep it up!!

Michigan Minister said...

Great thoughts Bill. Words like this are rarely published in this part of the country. People need to remember that God is everywhere and anywhere. The tough times are experienced the world over and praise God that He loves us enough to see us through them and teach us a little something along the way. We miss you guys! It finally gos above freezing the other day :)