Friday, February 16, 2007

DJ Bak-C-T

There’s been a shift in the norm around the Blockhead household. Since the beginning of baby times, I have always been the driver and Lucy sits in the back taking care of baby.

Due to some questionable driving behavior on my part and Lucy’s desire for me to learn how to put Fred’s shoes on while going 55 during a temper tantrum, I am now in the back of the bus.

That was a week ago and so far the most frustrating thing is that I’ve given up control of the radio. Something that is causing some friction (more so for me who obsesses over every little thing and less so for her who realizes this and ignores most of my ramblings) is my constant request of “Can you change the station?” “Eww I hate this song. Change it please.” “Are you really going to listen to country all the way there?” “Can we hear a cd? Not that one.”

I’m surprised I haven’t been asked to step out of the car on one of the many rural back-wood roads we travel.

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