Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl I

Yesterday was one of those days that all dads dream of. The second you hear a baby boy is in you’re future you start thinking of days on the river fishing together, tossing the ball around the yard after a hard day at the office, and kicking back with a pizza while watching the big game.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any pizza, but we did catch the game together. Sure he’s only 10 months old and can only say a couple of words, but we are talking about the Super Bowl here. Even babies know that it only happens once a year.

Lucy and the Gigi hit the town for a few hours and it was just us guys.

You should have seen my boy. One minute he was sitting on my knee bouncing on the horsey, the next he’s grabbed his bottle with one hand and laid back on my chest watching the game with dad.

There are days in life you never forget. The first time you see the one you are meant to spend your life with, the day you make her your wife, and the first time you connect with your child. This past Sunday it wasn’t about the game or the commercials…it was about the fathers and sons. It was about spending some time with my son.

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