Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Degrees In Parenting

Adam is turning 6 this coming Tuesday believe it or not. Being our first child every year with Adam is like a new science experiment in that we learn from him what we should or should not do with Alex when it's his turn to be that age. Thanks to Adam we know that a fever of 102-103 is nothing to rush to the emergency room over. Thanks to Adam we know how late is too late for a child to stay up watching TV. We know that falling off the bed and cracking your head on a hardwood floor should only be considered a major emergency if you press on the bump and it sounds like rice krispies.

We know that regardless of what the doctors say, a child will decide he is ready to be potty trained at 1 & 1/2. Thanks to Adam we know that when your child says someone bit him or her on the finger, you must ask if that finger was attempting to steal a cheeto from the other child's mouth. Adam taught us that it's always best to keep a small garbage can in your child's room for trash and more importantly for those sudden stomach viruses that pop up in the middle of the night.

This weekend and I guess if I try hard enough to consider it probably most weekends, Adam taught us that despite all of the yelling, shouting, crying, questioning, complaining, hitting, stomping, fighting, vomiting, and chaos that a child puts you through; they are always paying attention and will most certainly surprise you by their actions when you least expect it. Tonight Adam and I went solo to church, because Alex wasn't feeling well. Mandy received a call moments after Adam left class, asking how little brother was doing. Turns out Adam asked his class to pray for his baby brother who was sick at home with Mommy. I wonder what Adam will teach us next.

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The Father of Five said...

That is a JACKPOT payoff!

Congrats - you are doing somethng right!! (What a good feeling, eh?)