Friday, March 16, 2012

We Might Be Giants

One of the worst feelings a parent can have is the feeling that comes from not being able to deliver on a promise. We showed up last night early to our second practice with the Braves which was technically our third practice of the week since we spent Monday night with the T-Ball Giants. We are early so the boys are running around. Playing under the bleachers. All the while Adam is getting super hyped about playing ball and I'm starting to notice that nobody from his team has yet to show up. At five after Adam catches on and we start walking the park thinking we had the wrong field. By ten after we head to another field down the road thinking maybe I got the time right and the place wrong. Sadly still no team to be found. Adam is almost in tears and all he wants to do is play baseball.

I'm standing there holding Alex in one hand who is desperate to play, the baseball equipment in the other, trying to calm Adam down, and all the while wondering what on earth has happened. Praying I didn't get things wrong, doubting what I know I heard. That practice was cancelled and since we were new to the team we just didn't get the call. Instead of admitting to Adam that honestly I had no idea what had gone wrong, feeling like a failure yet again this week, I simply told him that because of the storms on the horizon practice had been canceled. "HOW ABOUT WE PLAY AT MCDONALDS!!" It was a small consolation, but Adam had been worried about the storms anyway so he didn't fight much.

I called and called and called. Mandy sent Facebook msg after msg and finally we got the scoop this afternoon. Apparently the coach of the team had some personal issues that at least in his mind made it acceptable to abandon his new team and the league was left with no choice but to find new homes for 10 kids. We got to pick which team we wanted. Looking for some stability we asked to be put on his best friend Max Davis's team which oddly enough were also called the Giants. So on Monday we will start our third team in a week and Adam will finally be able to play ball.

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