Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Attack Of The Catcher Mom

Tonight was ball practice and being spring break there were only four kids there. This isn't the worst thing though because it meant Adam got some extra time at the plate and fielding grounders. Kid has got a natural arm that can throw the ball the length of a football field. The only thing is that he's yet to learn how hard he needs to through it in comparison to how far away his target is. Hence the guy standing 5 feet away is going to get the same 50mph throw that the guy standing 30 feet away gets. If you are the 30 foot guy that's fine. However by the time you take into account Adam's arm is right around the average adults waste in height, then you can understand why this may worry the 5 foot guy.

Tonight's practice also gave Catcher Mom a chance to shine in all her angry glory. Catcher Mom sits in the bleachers making small talk until her daughter gets up to bat and then turns into the Bobby Knight of machine pitch baseball. From directly behind the plate fence she yells "WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLAYING GOLF!!!" "IS THERE A BUG UP THERE YOU KEEP SWATTING AT. TELL ME AND I"LL COME GET IT FOR YA SO YOU CAN CONCENTRATE""GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!! BEAR DOWN"

Catcher Mom always likes to act like she knows how crazy she sounds as she sheepishly heads back to her seat proclaiming fake embarrassment in the way she's just acted. Meanwhile the little 6 yr old girl that just got torn a new one can't wait to get to way left field so she can be out of ear shot. Tonight I almost joined her out there.

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