Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bathroom Duets

As a family in general we all love music. Our iPods are always within arms reach and for most of the day there is music playing in the background of the house. Adam has been known to be asleep in our lap, here a jingle, wake up, dance, and lay back down fast asleep. Adam begs to play his guitar any chance he can get.

Last weekend we were at Applebee's when of course Adam had to take the browns to the Superbowl. As I was standing there waiting for him to get done (Adam takes forever and likes to try to carry on a conversation while doing the business), I found myself singing along to the music being pumped in over the P.A. Next thing I know Adam is singing along too and a full on concert is taking place. About five minutes goes by when I ask Adam if he is done, "Sure Dad, but the music in here is so good I thought I'd see what's playing next."

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