Sunday, March 25, 2012

These Crazy Boys

The thing about having two boys is that you really just never know what they are about to do at any given second. They might decide to jump down a flight of stairs, take a swing at you with a golf club, or intentionally stick their finger down their throat just to see what happens. This past week gave a couple great examples of how totally insane and unpredictable boys can be:

I Pee Freely- I took Adam to practice on Tuesday and everything seemed to be okay. He hit the ball a couple times (still getting used to the machine) then took his turn in right field. I sat there an hour and watched him play never thinking that something completely crazy was going on right in front of me. I soon found out after practice that not all was as it seems. "So Adam before we leave I figure you gotta go to the bathroom, right?" "No Dad. I just went" "Adam, I just sat in the bleachers for an hour watching you. You never left the field." "I know Dad." "So what are you talking about?" "I pee'd while I was out there!" "Um you just stood out there and pee'd in the middle of the field?" "Yep" "Are your socks wet?" "No daddy it was just a little. Only my underwears are wet."

The Run Down- Like most brothers my boys fight on occasion and for the most part spend some time each day getting on one anothers last nerve. The problem however is that Adam knows it's wrong to strike Alex, but Alex is still only 2 and hasn't learned the rules yet. The result is that there are times when Alex gets a couple in before the ref can make a clean break. Today we were all outside and the boys were making the driveway on their scooter and big wheel. Adam bites it just feet away from Alex and the moment he hit the ground you'd have thought the baby had hit some hidden nitrous switch he kept under the handlebars. Like lightning he takes off ramming into Adam before he can get up. Adam goes down, but Alex isn't through he backs up just enough and takes off again. Down goes Adam with a cry for help. Mandy and I see what's going on and take off, but before we can come to the rescue Alex runs him over one more time. All the while little man is cackling like Hans Grubber from Die Hard!

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