Sunday, February 26, 2012

Would You Like To Talk To My PR Mgr?

If you know me then you know that I don't have that filter that is in most people's brain which stops them from saying what some might consider inappropriate things. Not to say that a majority of it isn't the brutally honest truth, but still inappropriate just the same. I try hard to suppress this urge that some may say is a form of rude turrets, but at times it's several hours or even days before I even realize I may not should have said "I'm too tired to pretend to remember some address you think I will need someday although I highly doubt. If it's that important to you, can you just text it to me?"

Being aware of my lack of filter as I am though it's helps to have a PR Department that gets in front of any potential scandal and eases the situation before it explodes in my face. That's one reason I love Mandy so much because essentially she's that PR Mgr that puts a good face on what can be a very ugly pig sometimes. I depend on her so much that there are times when I ask the person I'm speaking to if they would like to talk to her. This odd request typically gets me a look of confusion, which I can see right away, and thus makes my uncomfortablity that much more obvious. Silence is my worst enemy. If I'm talking to somebody and getting zero feedback, you can bet I'm about to say something stupid in five seconds. "Sooooo hmmmm yeah I've been working around the house all day....I think ummm Mandy's around ahhhh somewhere if you want to talk to her." "No. Do I need to talk to her?" "No no no....uhhhh I just was say'n ummm anyway"

Tonight's Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:
# Alex used the potty for the first time tonight!! He walked around the house looking for GiGi, found her, and lead her to his seat!!

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