Thursday, February 23, 2012

Attack Of The Walking Fred!

The weather was perfect this afternoon so while Mandy was in class the Gigi and I took the boys on their first walk to Gatman Park. It's about a five-ten minute walk but it's all sidewalk all the way. The park has a ton of playground equipment and in the summer they have a splash pad that stays on till late afternoon. Can't wait to start flying kites!

Things are finally settling in around the house even though we still have a few truck loads to get from the old place. Last night I took Adam to potty at around midnight. I thought he was awake enough to get back in bed while I took my turn. I got to his bedroom seconds later to find him missing. I'm walking through the dark house, blind as a bat trying not to wake the entire house (namely Triscuit). Looking on the couch, loveseat, under the dinning room table...he had somehow made his way to Gigi's and had crawled into her bed. This morning she said he rolled over and with a puzzling look asked "How did I get in your bed Gigi?"

This morning Mandy found Alex cuddled up with the puppy. She went to pick him up to take him to school and both freaked out. The puppy started yapping and jumping. Alex was waving his arms. It's been all day and that dog still won't look her.

Tonight's Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:
# I love the smell of mulch. If I could I'd wear it like a cologne. People would see me coming and say "There's Old Man Hickory. He's the best smelling guy I know!"
# No woodpecker this morning. Maybe he's flown the coop

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The Father of Five said...

Have you ever tried GeoCaching with the boys?