Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Invasion Begins!

Been away for a few days and I gotta say I've missed Charlie. The reason for the Best Of's is because we are moving and are stuck in this weird limbo world where half our stuff is at one house with the other half at the other. Thankfully somebody nearby didn't think to lock up their WiFi signal so I'm able hitch a free ride till I can get my own.

Moving is a horrible experience in general. George Carlin once said the only reason we invade other countries is so we can have more room to put all our extra stuff. It makes sense if you think about it. You start out in college with no stuff so you only need a one bedroom place. You get married and the stuff doubles so you get a nice cozy house. Then a baby comes along and there is a ton more stuff so you gotta upgrade again. It's easy to see how eventually you find yourself invading Canada simply because you can no longer find a place to put your socks. Canada's kinda like our attic. Mexico is our basement.

Tonight's Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:
# The boys seem to be adjusting fine. We knocked out Adam's room first and Alex may never leave his grandmothers side again.

# Things have happened so fast not sure how to feel about all this change. I'm not one to really celebrate major shifts in the Space-Time Continuum, but I have experienced moments of sheer joy as I look around at all the new places to put my stuff!

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The Father of Five said...

Our long time neighbors just moved - and as I watched them "purge" it occurred to me that we should all have to clean like we are going to move every five years or so - just to get rid of all the junk!

Very exciting times for you indeed!

Hang in there!