Monday, February 27, 2012

The Grass Is Greener This Side Of Avalon

I thought we had a big yard at the last house. I saw the yard at the new place from a distance and thought "This isn't so bad. I can cut this easy" Over the last few days I've walked across it and thought "It's not that much bigger. I got this!"

Today was the first afternoon since the move that we were really able to get outside and play around. We got the basketballs out and shot some hoops. We got the bikes out and toured the driveway a few dozen times. We got the football out and ran and ran and ran and the yard that I had paid little attention to at the beginning suddenly stretched for miles and miles.

Now this isn't a "look how much cooler I am than you with my huge back yard" kind of post. Instead it's a "HOW AM I GOING TO KEEP THIS GRASS CUT ALL SUMMER!! kind of post. I'm sure tonight I will awake in a cold sweat crying "Please Mandy let me hire somebody to cut grass. I just can't do it I tell you. I just can't"

Tonight's Chip Off The Ole Blockhead:
# Adam got his test scores in and was way above the end of the year numbers. My boy is a genius!!!

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