Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Feel Like Dirt

Things are difficult around the house to say the least. You can't clean anything because half the place is in boxes. The kids can't drag out. There's stuff every where. We are all very frazzled and unfortunately we are taking some of it out on each other.

It was Tuesday night and Mandy was at school. Alex was exhausted and needed to be put to bed, but I still had a few more things to do before I could just stop and hold him. Adam is trying to watch cartoons in our room when the crying starts. Alex has had enough and is letting everyone know it. I just need a few minutes so I'm trying my dead level best to put him off just few minutes. He's crying rather loudly, Adam can't hear, and starts yelling at him to be quiet. This is not allowed so I yell at Adam to stop yelling at Alex. I know it doesn't make sense but it happens. Adam does it again....and again.

Finally I've had enough so I yell at Adam "The reason he is crying is because he misses his Mommy!!" This was a completely dumb thing to say and immediately Adam starts crying because he feels guilty "I didn't know he missed his Mommy! I miss her too waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!"

I quickly back tracked and got them both calmed down but two days later and I'm still feeling like dirt about it. The season of change is taking it's toll.


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