Saturday, February 11, 2012

These Are The Days....

Today was Adam's last basketball game and the entire family showed up in support. As I sat there on those metal bleachers watching the kids warm up I got caught myself watching everyone walk in.

Pops- He's been going through something lately but won't quite tell us what it is. He insists it's not health related, but we know he's smoking again and are worried about him. Last weekend he walked into our church services out of no where and sat down like he'd been going his entire life. In fact he told us later that the last time he'd been was Mother's Day was her last year.

Brock & Brooke- I talk to Brock in spurts. Three times a week for a couple of weeks, then nothing for two months. Lately when we talk it feels like a game of twenty questions. So what kind of trouble have the boys been in lately? How are you dealing with that? What is it like trying to teach Adam stuff? What kind of foods do they eat? What are your mornings like? It's clear he's prepping himself for a time when he has to go through the same thing. The only real question is how soon will that be?

Mom- Her apartment is a nightmare. She lives under a married radio DJ who stomps around at all ours of the night (Adam always thinks it's storming at her place) and when they aren't fighting lets just say Mr & Mrs DJ are making their own music to the point that mom can't even sleep in her own room some nights. This weekend the plumbing from the apartment behind her got clogged causing everything to backup into her bathtub. The water has been cut off for two days and she's staying with a friend. She's recently started dating and I'm not going to share my opinion about it because it's really not going to matter one way or the other.

Molly- She's always been like a sister to both Mandy & I. Married, a house of her own...I still see her as that teenage girl who had the honor of meeting Josh Duhamel at a high school dance. That was ten years ago and to me she's still the same.

Mandy, Gigi, and I- Are all learning how to adapt to our new environment. Honestly this whole living together thing may not succeed, but it could be very awesome.

Together there watching Adam run up and down the court while we cheered for both teams and passed Alex from arm to arm, I couldn't help but think about what we have all been through over the past few years.....heart attacks, divorce, marriage, a couple kids....there's been heartache and pain and fear and at times I'm scared to death to even roll out of bed....but there we were clapping and laughing, just enjoying the moment and I hoping it will always be like it is now.

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