Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trash Talking

I was out looking for boxes today and found a ton behind Austin Shoe's. The problem was that I had to climb into a dumpster to reach them. When Adam found out he was jealous he didn't get to jump in there with me. Truth be told it wasn't the first dipstie dumpster I'd ever dived in. Growing up we lived in an apartment complex surrounded by a ton of other families and as kids tend to do we had our share of adventures. We used to scrounge for cool stuff in the dumpster; old jewelry, hats, toys. One time every kid in the complex came down with a case of head lice. It was almost a week before someone figured out the source of the breakout was an old mattress we had found and been using as a WWF wrestling ring.

To this very day I don't like taking the trash out at night because of something that happened back then. The dumpster was located at a dead end at the end of the parking lot which couldn't have been more than half a football field away. At the age of twelve though it might as well been two miles away. It was dark...the kind of dark you only get from living out in the country. The street light was out and there I was hauling the trash all alone. Staring deep into the shadows watching for movement of any kind. Finally there I was scared to death of what might be lurking behind the cars or under the stares of the other buildings. The door was open so quickly I flung the bag of trash over my head and into the dumpster. Almost immediately I heard the clang of it hitting bottom and then it happened...out of nowhere a blur of claws and teeth launched out of the darkness of the empty dumpster. I closed my eyes as the cat landed on my head for a split second before taking the next leap and running of into the darkness. I almost passed out in fear. Had my feet not already been propelling me towards home no telling how long I would have laid there.

Now if given the choice I would rather set my alarm to wake me up early in hopes of catching the garbage man rather than walking out to the curb after sunset.

Tonight's Chips Off The Ole Blockhead:
# The move is in full effect. We are hoping to get the majority done next week, but will more than likely not spend the night till the first weekend of March.
# The deadline for T-Ball sign up is the 24th. Hard to believe it's that time of year again.

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