Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Apparently we aren't the only ones who have decided to move into the new place. For the past three days a woodpecker has created quite a stir around the house. It happens at almost exactly 7:00 A.M every morning and creates a ripple effect. The bird lands on the chimney and goes to headbanging on the metal covering. This causes a sound similar to a jackhammer which echoes down the chimney causing the puppy to freak out. The puppy panics immediately and begins to run like wild to the front door. This wakes Alex up who hates to wake up so he starts crying. This of course wakes Mandy up. The Gigi jumps up to calmed the dog down. I run outside to shoo the bird and within 30 seconds the entire house is ready to start their day.

So Blockhead fans, any idea how to kill a bird that seems to be mocking us?

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The Father of Five said...

Pellet gun. Quiet and won't do any damage to surrounding area if you register a "miss".