Sunday, April 22, 2012

To The Parents Of Alex Beck

To The Parents Of Alex Beck,
             Unfortunately it seems that Alex has had a very bad day and we must tell you all he has been up to. Alex has been misbehaving all day long and was sent to time-out three different times. The first thing he did was pick up a plastic frying pan from the toy kitchen, walk over to a nearby child, and whack him over the back of the head (Mandy, this is surely something he saw you do at home. lol). Next he decided that the child sitting next to him was way to close for comfort and hit him until he moved. Last but not least Alex took a toy away from another child and kicked them in the leg, apparently he has not grasped the concept of sharing.
             We love Alex to death and hate that he had such a rough day. This really isn't like him at all and are worried that maybe he just didn't feel well today. Still, we felt we needed to say something to you considering how much trouble he was in.

If we can help in any way,
Mars Hill Bible School

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