Sunday, April 01, 2012

New Home Favorites: The Boy's Bathroom

I haven't posted pictures much here on Charlie in a while and some of that is because I don't get the security that I would by posting them on Facebook where to a larger degree I can select who sees my profile. From the very start of this blog I've always been concerned about photos and their use. That being said, one thing I am going to start doing to celebrate our new house which we are absolutely in love with is taking smaller shots of my favorite parts as they come together. The above is one of my fav's from the boy's bathroom. The room is done in ducks with baby blue paint, white tile, and Mandy has really done a fantastic job giving it a classic boy look. This chatter box was made by Mandy's great uncle Joe and is perfect for showcasing rubber duckies (and of course bubble bath Spiderman).

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