Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Mo Fro!!



This is the longest I have ever let my hair get. I've traditionally had scalp problems, that all changed with the new house. The shower in our bathroom is like a pressure washer shooting out ferocious beams of water at break neck speeds. For weeks Mandy has been saying I look like a Golden Girl (it was a toss up between Dorothy and Blanche). My barber had mentioned how he had seen me out one day last week and almost dropped a business card on the table because he thought I may had forgotten who he was. While some of it was definitely done out of spite, for the longest time I was very happy with it and wanted to see how long it would get before I got tired of it. Finally I'd had enough and decided the only thing to do was go to the opposite extreme i.e. shaved with a three inch guard.

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