Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Prayer Request

I don't normally talk about work for various reasons but tonight I feel called to speak about one person in particular that is need of our prayers. It was just a few months back that she found out that there had been a hole in heart her entire life. The moment it was discovered the surgery was scheduled and the damaged heart was repaired. This past weekend though my friend's life took another unexpected turn.

After having some severe chest pains her husband rushed her to the emergency room where they discovered several blood clots in her lungs. Today they learned that the clots may be tied to what they think may be a genetic disorder. The recent surgery caused the dormant disease to come to the surface. That hole in her heart may have been saving her life all this time by letting the blood clots pass and not being redirected to her brain.

While this is definitely a tragic turn with a still unknown outcome, it does go to show that we never know what God has in store for us. Today's health scare may turn out to be tomorrow's saving grace. Blessings come in the most unexpected of ways at times.

Please pray for my friend......

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