Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spider (Little) Man!

For a week we heard all about it. Adam's heroic deed in front of the entire class
"There was a huge black spider! Everybody was scared of it!!"
"I wasn't scared of it! I just went over there and stepped on it."
"Mrs. Wallace patted me on the back and said "Good Job!"

Every time we were outside it was brought up.
"Did you know I killed a big black spider yesterday?"
"I just went up there and stomped it."
"Good thing I don't see any big black spider's out here. I'd run up and jump on it. Yes sir"

This morning....
"Dad there's a big black spider in the bathroom!! Come get it! Come get it! Come get it!"
"Adam I thought you were the spider slayer? What happened to stomping on the next one you saw?"
"Well I didn't know I'd see one in the bathroom."
"What about Mrs. Wallace patting you on the back?"
"Mrs. Wallace isn't here Dad. It's getting away! Get it!!"

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