Monday, April 09, 2012

Sunday Suppers

Looking to make something different, tonight we took a yellow bell pepper, a red bell pepper, an onion, some garlic, laid it all on top of some pork chops, and set it to bake for an hour. The result was more than I bargained for. When we stepped out for a good dose of yard work, what we were leaving in the stove was simply another in a long line of meals. What awaited us when we walked back in though was a trip to a far off land that I had not thought of in quite some time.

It hit me in the face the moment I walked in the door. The smell of onions and peppers mixed with a hint of garlic and the sweet smell of the pork. In an instant I was back in my Granny Beck's kitchen begging to see what smelled so good. The sound of rice boiling in the background, Grandpa in his recliner getting ready to teach the evening sermon. Soon the table would be filled with black eye peas, peppers & onions, a fresh salad, homemade pickles, some of the best tasting pork chops I've ever had in my life, and surrounding it all was the sound of laughter coming from a family that truly enjoyed spending time together. Those days are few and far between now, but if ever I were granted a wish it would be that someday we will all come together every night to sit around that table once again.

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The Father of Five said...

I LOVE peppers!!!