Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pepper Ponderings

We were out junk'n today and came across this framed picture. Honestly the thing fascinates me on sooo many levels the first being on a parental one because I cannot understand how "Mommy" could throw away artwork from her little Pepper.  You put it in a box under the bed where you can easily get it so you can add the weeks latest masterpieces. Frame it sure, but don't donate it to the junk store. If you wanna give the frame away fine, but at least take the picture out first.

Now judging from the picture Pepper was a boy, but I see pepper more as a short red haired girl. A tom boy who loves to climb trees and go fishing with grandpa. I also see Pepper as a child with tons of potential. There is some awesome detail in the picture. Check out the lines in the trunk of the tree, the way the clubhouse is tilted to the left, Mommy is drawn very clean with a great fluid shape. Oh and the colors are spot on. Green grass, brown trunk, red shirt for Mommy with an orange one for Pepper.

Then I think about the date 4-20-2007 and wonder where Pepper is....maybe Mommy was a foster parent and this was Pepper's way of attempting to be close to her. Maybe Pepper moved on and "Mommy" didn't see the need to keep some picture from a foster kid she'll never see again. There could have been a fire and sadly nobody survived. As the fire fighter was sorting through the pile of debris he came across this picture in good shape and donated it to charity. Maybe Pepper's family got caught in a big storm that destroyed their home. The tornado sending their belongings hundreds of miles away where they were found and put in the goodwill box. Pepper and Mommy living to see tomorrow with nothing to hold on to but each other and their faith in God.

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