Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Could I BE Any More Preachy?

Tonight I gave the sermon that I published the notes to on Monday and for the most part it went pretty good. Being as my Grandfather Beck has been preaching for The Church of Christ for over 50 years, it does come some what naturally for me. I'm genetically engineered to have an above average ability to speak in public. Trained by the best, I don't typically get nervous and for the most part never worry about coming up empty with nothing to say. In fact most of the time there are huge chunks of time that I find myself missing when I review what I said afterward. The trick is to know your material and if you can't remember your notes, make sure the topic is something you are passionate about.

It never fails that at some point during the lesson I inadvertently throw the script out the window and do a little freestyling. One minute I'm talking about the dangers of serving things other than the Lord (Twitter, Facebook, Television, etc....) the next I'm proclaiming my love for Chandler Bing and how thankful I am that Friends is back on every night. Plus it's hard not to get up there and proclaim myself a complete fraud who has so many flaws to get off his chest that class will be starting a little later than usual tonight.

In another life maybe that's what I'm doing; preaching the Gospel three times a week. In this one though I'm continent at having my say when asked.

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