Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Worry Just Won't Seem To Leave My Mind Alone

Wednesday night seven o'clock church services are always a tricky thing to get to. The kids are both soaked in sweat after school. Dinner has to be ate. Clothes have to be changed. Plus it's not like Mandy or I leave at exactly five o'clock everyday.  Somehow we manage and for good reason.

Tonight's lesson was all about worry and how the only thing we should be really concerned about (to a certain degree) is whether or not we are living our lives for God. Worry constantly plagues me and slows down my every decision. I've yet to find a way to shake this off, but tonight's lesson definitely helped. A little bit of luck would do wonders though....

Tonight also featured Alex's debut performance as a song leader. The moment the closing song started his arm went up and he started swaying it up and down/back and forth. The entire place was cracking up!

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