Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Still Resolve Too

Back at the first of the year I made a list of News Year's Resolutions and I thought it would be neat to go over those just to see how I'm doing. Here goes:

  1. I resolve to go to the dentist more than I did last year......I have not done this yet. I almost went last week but my tooth stopped hurting so I opted out. Who knows if I get around to this or not...the year's not over yet

  2. I resolve to try harder to not bite my nails....I have good days and bad weeks. I am getting better though!

  3. I resolve to lose weight.....This is happening. Mainly because of my recent heath scare in which the Dr. told me I was killing my self by eating what I want whenever I want. My cholesterol was through the roof and I was having chest pains

  4. I resolve to watch less TV, read more, and play outside more with the boys....I'm doing this more too. The new house came with a huge yard that just begs to be played in.

  5. I resolve to be a better husband....You'd have to ask Mandy about this one, but I'd say I'm way more patient.

  6. I resolve to pray more and not just close my eyes while wondering what's for lunch, dinner, breakfast, etc....This is definitely happening. I feel closer to God then ever before.

  7. I resolve to save money and be in a better financial position come the end of 2012....Working on it. Every journey has hills and valleys. So does every financial period.

  8. I resolve to be a better Christian.....I pray that I am. I'm definitely more focus on getting Adam involved more at Church. To see it as something more than just a place to run and play with friends.

  9. I resolve to help others more....This one I need to work on.
There was one last resolution that I have kept and really enjoyed. I resolve to post all 365 days this year. So far I've lived up to that.

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