Saturday, May 05, 2012

Family Day In May

Mandy and I think it's important to take the kids out on the town every couple of weeks just to have fun. There are always going to be a ton of things to do around the house, but you gotta learn when to set those aside and focus on the fun things in life. Today we ran with that thought and tried to do every fun thing in town.

First we went to the waterfall. Adam jumped in a puddle of course splashing mud all up his back, but we found a millipede and Alex learned he hated the place. Next up Casa! Fajitas for Mandy, cheeseburger for  Adam, nuggets for Alex, and low cholesterol Bill got Mexican rice with grilled shrimp and vegetables on top. Next up free ice cream and a walk down by the river to see the Indian Tee P's. That lead to Adam wanting to go to the dips which are a series of hills in Sheffield that make you feel like you're riding a roller coaster. Two rides later and we were ready for a quick walk at the new River Front park pier which Mandy hadn't seen before, but Adam and I fish off of sometimes. After a quick stop to pick up the Gigi, Adam and I went see the most awesome superhero movie of all time The Avengers while the rest of gang went shopping! Adam wore his Ironman costume and every person that walked by told him how cool he was! He even clapped a few times as the HULK took care of business. Last but not least a trip to the grocery store to get some cholesterol free foods then home to crash.

From start to finish we visited 3 different parks, saw one 2 1/2 hr movie, and were gone from 10 this morning to 8 this evening.

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