Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I'm Virbra! What's Your Sign?

Since I started getting the paper delivered to my door on a daily basis, I've become addicted to the comics page and the horoscope section. Sometimes I like to read my horoscope in the morning, sometimes I like to read it at the end of the day just to see if they got it right. The thing that I don't get about these little bits of wisdom is how do they pinpoint the exact day you switch signs. I mean where do they (whoever they are that come up with these things) decide that if you (like myself) are born on Sept 22 at 11:59:59 you are a Virgo, but one second later you are suddenly a Libra. For an industry built around being as vague as humanly possible that seems like a very specific line in the sand. Instead of pondering this mystery of the universe, I simply work around this conundrum by reading both the Virgo and Libra fortunes and picking out which one I like best. Let's look at today's:

Avoid passionate discussions with romantic partners today. People are entrenched in their views, and they are very jealous as well. Be cool.

Impulsiveness and emotional outbursts with family members will be the order of the day. Therefore, tread carefully! A small comment could escalate into a messy scene.

Essentially the above say the same thing i.e. "if not careful you are going to get in a fight with someone you live with" so if given a choice between the two today I'm a Libra. After all I'd much rather argue with Adam aka "a family member" than Mandy otherwise known as "my romantic partner"

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