Sunday, May 20, 2012

Message Mix Up

I'm not the fastest text messenger in the west, but I do okay. At times while waiting on someone to respond I have been known to carry on 3 discussions at one time. Today I apparently proved this may not always be the best idea.

To Mom: u coming over today?

To Mandy: How is Adams team party @ the park?

Mom: what time u going to be home?

Mandy: it's raining.

To Mom: after 3:00

To Mandy: I bet Adam loves that.

Mom: let me see something...

Mandy: he's running wild.

Mom: okay I can come

Mom: I'm going to kill your child!!!

To Mom: I don't want u coming over then!!!

Mom: why not?!

To Mom: oops sorry!!! I thought u were coming over to kill one of the boys. Mandy is going to do it instead

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