Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back On The Wagon

Last week I wrote about the problems with my new involuntary diet and how I was off the wagon already. Today I'm happy to report that I am learning new ways to eat, even in a fast food environment. My first accomplishment has been to ignore french fries. Fries are my kryptonite. Hardly my most favorite food ever, but they are always around. Next I've learned the joy of a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce only and no sauce. Combined with a fruit smoothie and it makes for a healthy alternative to a double cheeseburger with bacon. So far I've managed to quit drinking soda, I'm drinking more water and Mandy even got me some sugar free cookies the other night to help my chocolate fix! Plus I'm exercising at least every other day. I know a week is a long way from a habit, but they say that it only takes a month to make a routine permanent. 

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