Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Rat's Tale

Growing up I had one. That really long strand of hair that went down the back of my neck. Some kids up'd the cool factor by having their entire head buzzed except for that one strand in the back thus giving them a true rat tail appearance.

Alex is now a little over two years old and has yet to get his first hair cut. It's coming soon, but we are just not ready yet. Yesterday we were hanging out around the pool when he turned around. The water had laid his hair flat across his back and the result was a very long lock of hair going straight down his back.

"Check it out! Alex has got a rat tail!!"
"Where Dad?! I don't see a rat!"
"On his head Adam. It's a rat tail"
"Alex has got a rat in his hand?"
"No his hair looks like a rat's tail"
"I don't see a rat on his head...."

I tried to explain it a dozen times, but Adam still kept looking for a rat.

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