Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lessons From Ali The Alligator

Ali the alligator is Adam's class mascot. She's green with big eyes, a cute smile, and body that just begs to be cuddled. She also happens to be Adam's homework assignment this weekend. Each Friday one student is selected to take Ali home with them, take pictures of all the adventures they have together, and write a report about all the fun they had. Adam thought this was the best most wonderful thing ever and made sure that everywhere he went so did Ali.

Over the past few days we've collected snapshots of Ali eating popcorn at Adam's baseball game. She was caught playing with Adam in the middle of a wheat field. Ali went on our tour of local parks yesterday where she got to see a waterfall, Indian Tee Pee, and take a riverfront walk. She even managed to make it to the comic book store and the Avengers movie with us. Today Ali attended Sunday school with Adam and tonight she was there enjoying a turkey sub at Lenny's right next to her pal Adam.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a friend that would shadow us like Ali. Someone who was always there to give us a hug when we need it the most, make us laugh at exactly the right time, and help us feel safe late at night when it's just us and our thoughts. Adam would certainly attest to the fact that Ali is a great listener, never lets him down, and never asks for anything in return other than love. Luckily we do....

Just like Ali the alligator, God is there for us no matter what. Through the Bible his words of inspiration speak to us in our time of need and through him all things are possible. I know we may not be able to see him all the time, but if we would learn to just stop and listen God is always speaking to us. It might be through the feeling we get from the evening breeze, the sound of a little child praying, or a voice deep down inside us all that knows the true way out of a tough situation. As Adam prepares to say goodbye to Ali the alligator, I pray he never forgets his other constant companion the Lord Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made so we could all live.

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