Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Occasional Withdrawal

I'm not going to lie Thursday was a hard day. I'm not naive enough to think that the tests were going to come back 100% perfect, but I didn''t really expect the hammer to be dropped either. It's only been a couple of days and I'm trying to make changes. I'm taking it seriously and I'm getting a ton of support from those around me. Mandy could not be a better wife. Soooo supportive. Anyways I'm trying to watch what I eat but it feels like someone else has different plans for me at times; take yesterday for example.

It was Field Day at Adam's school and we met him for lunch. Mandy asked if I planned to eat there or get something after and I couldn't help but think of what he normally gets for lunch i.e. vegetables, juice, turkey slices, etc....instead what's on the menu? Hot Dogs and potato chips. Can you believe it? I did the right think though and passed, opting to head over to Zaxby's for a grilled chicken sandwich. Figuring I'll grab some baked Lays and a bottle of water at the office, I just ordered the sandwich.

"I'd like the grilled chicken sandwich, plain with no tomato"
"You don't want the meal?"
"No thanks just the sandwich"
"Would you like something to drink with that?"
"That's okay. Just the sandwich."

As I'm walking out I notice the bag is kinda full so I stop to find out why and...I got free fries! Now a week ago I would have stopped right there in the middle of the restaurant and Tim Tebow'd as I thanked the Lord for my good fortune. Things are different now. I'm playing by a different set of rules. As I stand there staring at the fries, I notice my friend Kenny Ford who was aware of what I'd been going through the last few days sitting nearby and I explain.

"Kenny! Free fries! They gave me free fries!!!"
"That's okay. Eat them"
"Kenny! Dude we talked about this last night these could kill me!"

That's when Kenny open up the gates of wisdom and poured forth a bit of gold.

"Bad food is like borrowing money. If you go to the bank everyday and borrow money soon you'll be broke with nothing to show for it but heartache. But if you go to the bank one day a week to borrow money, it won't hurt you because you've been depositing money into it all week."

So I ate those evil fries and today I passed when they were offered again. Thanks Kenny!

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