Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nothing Left To Do But Admit She's Always Right

My day started out on the wrong foot trying to get Adam to take a shower before school. It was late last night when we got home from church and done with dinner. I mistakenly thought it would be easier to get him up and in the shower then it would keeping him up another half hour past his bed time. Not one to always have her way, Mandy simply agreed to go along with the idea.....boy was I wrong. Getting him in the shower was not really the problem it was getting him to do more than just stand there. At the two minute mark he was barely even wet. After 5 minutes he had managed to scoot under the water. Surely I thought to myself after 10 minutes in the shower he'd be done.....he was all wet but had not touched the soap. As I stood there threatening various forms of torture if he didn't get a move on it, one thought kept repeating itself "How did she know? Why is she always right!!"

Thankfully she would never rub it in my face; still how can one person be so right about every single thing?

Tonight I decided to take the long way home thinking I'd drive by to check out the old house. Within seconds she caught on to what I was doing, sharing her concern that it might make Adam sad. I shrugged it off and kept going. A block away Adam says "I miss the old house so much. Can we go see it?" Trying to recover Mandy gave it her best shot "I just wanted Daddy to look at something over here. Look Daddy there it is." Not giving up Adam pleaded "Can we please see the old house?"

Some people are born with the ability to do mass calculations in their heads. Others can draw master works of art. There are those that can remember every book they have ever read word for word. My wife? She always knows the right thing to do. Thank God I have her.

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