Sunday, June 10, 2012

TRON: Up Rising Over His Head

To my knowledge here is what I believe to be the story of TRON. This guy named Flynn was a scientist who also created a video game. What he doesn't know is there is a world inside of all computers which is being taken over by the Master Program (red people are bad). The Master Program zaps Flynn into a game he (Flynn) created in which the hero Tron is trying to keep the other programs (the blue guys) free.

With the help of Flynn, Tron saves the day. Flynn then creates Clu so he (Flynn) can keep peace and manage his life outside the computer. Clu gets power crazy traps Flynn inside the computer where he goes into hiding, Tron is defeated...until the end of the second movie in which Flynn's son finds his father 15 years later and with the help of Tron, Clu is defeated.

Disney's new series TRON: Uprising takes place in between the two movies and features an injured Tron mentoring a guy named Beck who poses as Tron to spark a revolution against Clu.

Here is what Adam understands: Red is bad and Blue is good. Sure it's basic but he loves it and I love it so what's not to love about that.

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