Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Show Of Anger

Alex is a little over 2 and we are just starting to swat him on the back if the leg with our hands. Yes we are parents that spank get over it. We only save such severe punishments for when the child simply refuses to obey. Yesterday Alex reached this level of no return.

The new inflatable pool came with a pump and two valves. Water goes in, is filtered, then goes out the other tube. Alex would not quit standing on the in flow tube. We told and told. We begged and pleaded. Finally we spanked.

The moment my hand met his back side Alex cried out in pain. The crying only lasted a moment though and was very quickly replaced by anger. Almost immediately Alex crossed his arms and stomped to the back door. Lips sticking out all the way. With a look of disgust and his face red with rage our little sweet 2 year old walked inside, slammed the back door, and stood there in the window with his arms crossed and smoke coming out of his ears.

Now had he been 6 this little trick would have required a further attitude adjustment. For the moment however his cuteness saved him from further punishment. That being said the cute routine is starting to wear thin.

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