Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Mish You When You're Not Around

Last month Mo, Mandy, & The Gigi got up and went to the Good-will in Lawrenceburg. This past week they decided to go back for 1/2 off Saturday. There is a large Amish population just outside the town and each house sells the various things they produce. Mandy invited me & the boys to tag along and we gladly accepted. Normally I drive where ever we go, but this time around I decided to sit in the back with the kids.

Initially I brought a book thinking I could get caught up on my reading, thankfully I realized right away that if I had stuck my nose in between those pages I would have missed out on all the fun. Back there just the two of us sharing the same seat, Adam and I really had a chance to connect. We learned about the Amish and how they lived. We shared headphones while listening to our favorite songs on the iPod. I know it sounds sorta simple but my favorite thing we did....something I hope we do again is we talked. No yelling at him to stop this or that. No threatening to beat him for acting like a crazy person. We just talked about stuff...I wish the trip had been longer.

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