Saturday, June 23, 2012

Only The Best Day Ever

That's what Adam said on the way back from fishing in Cypress creek tonight. "This was only the best day ever dad!!!". It started with him going out for Cracker Barrel first thing this morning. After a ton of food, he went with Mandy to the grocery store where he got a couple toys. He hadn't been home an hour when cousin Shane came over to play Operation and go swimming. Then last but not certainly least a quick fishing trip which had him catching seven blue gill and small mouth bass.

Up until today he'd never had any luck so last week I bought a second top water cricket which I did real well with a few weeks back on our canoe trip. I put one on his rod and within two casts he was bringing one home.

I play a little golf now and then, but fishing is something I was doing with my grandfather since I was his age. It really made me proud to see him standing there waist deep in water saying he didn't care if it was getting dark, he was about to land a monster fish. These are exactly my thoughts when it comes time to leave every single trip I take. Just one more cast. Just one more fish. Just one more minute with my little buddy.

It was only the best day ever for too.

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