Monday, June 11, 2012

Row Row Row Your Boat

Went canoeing down Cypress creek this past Saturday. We took my buddy Mitch's canoe and learned a valuable lesson: A 10 minute drive in a car equals about an hour & 1/2 of paddling. We unfortunately learned this the hard way.

There we were having the time of our life. The water was nice, a good breeze was in the air, the sun managing to stay behind the clouds just a bit, and more importantly the fish were biting. We figured the halfway point and that the finish line would be about 30 minutes away from there. We were wrong.

Now I didn't hear what his wife said and he didn't hear mine, but both conversations sounded similar:

"I'm good!! Catching a ton of fish"
"Where are we? Cypress creek."
"Yeah I know what time it is"
"Yes I know when I said I would be home"
"I know there are things that have to be done....but...but um...well we've been paddling for an hour and still have not made it to the car."
"No we are not lost! We just don't know where we are compared to where the car is. Honestly it HAS to be up here somewhere."
"Love you Sweetie"

I have never caught that much fish in one day in my life, however I have also never tried that hard to get out of the water in my life either. Next time we park closer!

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