Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hero Up VBS!

As a family one of our favorite times of the year is the week of Vacation Bible School. This year things were a bit different in that we decided to do the whole thing in one day. When I first heard this I wasn't sure how it would work out in terms of the kids hanging in there from 9-2, but the thought of spending an entire day playing with my boys was enticing too.

This year's theme was Hero Up! and featured all types of comic book super heroes telling their favorite stories about heros of the Bible. The church was decorated in Avengers themed sets and posters. There was the Avenger's HQ and the main stage was set up to look the city skyline. Serving as a break in between lessons two the largest bouncing castles I've ever seen were placed in the gym. This of course for many stole the show. When asked this morning Adam could remember bits and pieces of the lessons taught, but without a doubt could tell you every flip and flop taken on those giant inflatable slides. We even stuck around for two hours after VBS had ended just so we could soak up every last bit of fun before the slides were taken down.

I think Ben Hayes said it best this morning when he said that the kids that attended this year's VBS may not remember the stories of Esther or Samson, but they will remember a day filled with laughter surrounded by their friends at church. I have to agree that nothing sounds sweeter.

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