Thursday, June 07, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon

I accidentally slept late. Missed my morning walk. Neck is killing me from where I tried unsuccessfully to get the pressure washer started. Almost fell asleep in the morning meeting. Nobody at the office was in a good mood. Mandy and I went a round or two. I sank my sorrows into a giant roast beef sandwich from Arbys. I just felt even more guilty afterward for swan diving off my diet.

I was sure by three that time had stopped and I was doomed to be chained to my desk forever. By the end of it I was fed up and determined to do something drastic like eat a whole box of Little Debbie zebra cakes washed down with a gallon of whole milk....then I pull into the driveway to find Adam pulling Alex in his wagon. Both laughing as if they were touring the streets of Disney. All I could think about was how great life is and how blessed I am.

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